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Laboratory tests can be useful to identify an imbalance in the body; they include blood tests, urine tests, saliva tests and hair mineral analysis. The following are a list of tests that are sometimes recommended:


Measurement of Cortisol and DHEA levels (Saliva test)

If you are suffering from fatigue, irritability, sugar cravings, anxiety, poor memory or weight gain around the middle of the body then an assessment of your cortisol level may be appropriate. It is a measurement of how well your adrenal glands deal with day to day stresses. This is a simple test that can be carried out at home and then sent to the laboratory for analysis.


Comprehensive Parasitology (Stool test)

This can be a useful test for clients who have IBS and whose symptoms have not responded to the more standard protocols including eliminating food allergens and trying probiotics. It involves sending three samples and tests for specific bacteria, beneficial bacteria, yeasts and parasites.


Measurement of Essential Fatty acid Levels (Blood test)

Essential fats are known to be crucial for brain function and a deficiency of these fatty acids has been linked to various conditions including: hyperactivity, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, schizophrenia, epilepsy, autism and bipolar disorder.


Measurement of Homocysteine levels (Blood test)

Homocysteine is a protein produced by the body and if blood levels are above the normal range this is an indication that a process called methylation is not taking place at an optimum level. Methylation is critical for keeping hormone and neurotransmitter levels in check and poor methylation can lead to mood swings, a feeling of disconnectedness, delusions and anxiety. A specific supplement of B vitamins can support methylation and reduce homocysteine levels back to a normal level.


Hair Mineral Analysis (Hair sample)

Hair is a tissue which can be analysed and give an accurate reflection of a person’s nutritional status in the previous 6 weeks. Taking a sample of hair and sending it to the laboratory is very straightforward and it can be an especially useful test to use with children.


Laboratory Tests

Laboratories used:

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