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How Nutritional therapy

can help you?

  • Do you have problems with fertility?

  • Are you feeling fatigued, over-tired and lacking in energy?

  • Do you need help with weight loss?

  • Do you have PMS, endometriosis or PCOS?

  • Do you have eczema?

  • Do you have menstrual problems?

  • Do you feel bloated and suffer with stomach cramps?

  • Do you have constipation or diarrhoea?

  • Do you suffer with migraines?

  • Do you have athritis?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then I would recommend contacting me to discuss your health further.

Free 15 minute consultations available at Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre.

Consultations are available face to face or over Zoom. 

“ I first went to see Nicky for a consultation in desperation after my GP drew a blank. I have an underactive thyroid and while my medication for that indicated that the condition was successfully treated, I continued to have multiple, general symptoms of poor sleep, tiredness, brain fog and digestive problems. It was such a relief to talk these through in detail with such a sympathetic listener. Nicky is like a detective , looking at the overall picture and teasing apart the evidence. She has helped me so much with her suggestions; she has made a big difference to my life. It is still reassuring to know that I am able to contact her if ever I have need to. “ SD

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