All consultations take place at Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre.


First Consultation

The first consultation usually takes an hour and involves asking questions about a client’s health and diet.


Questions that are commonly asked are:

  • How are your energy levels?

  • How well do you sleep at night?

  • Do you have any problems with your digestion?

  • Do you have a family history of any illness?

  • Is your skin prone to eczema or acne?

  • Do you suffer with painful joints?

  • How is your mental health?

  • Are you taking any prescribed medication or nutritional supplements?

  • Have you had any recent investigations by your GP or hospital specialist?


(In some instances, clients are asked to complete the questionnaire about their health at home and send it to my home address prior to the initial consultation. This is helpful if a client has a complex or long standing medical history.)


After a full assessment of a client’s health, their dietary intake and life style, recommendations are made to support a person’s return to health.


Typically, this may involve one or two of the following programmes:

  • Avoiding specific food allergens

  • Supporting digestion through diet and the use of nutritional supplements

  • Balancing hormones by adjusting a client’s diet and taking specific nutritional or herbal supplements

  • Reducing inflammation by adjusting a client’s diet and using specific nutritional supplements

  • Balancing blood sugar levels by adjusting a client’s diet and making life style recommendations.


All recommendations are discussed with the client first and then given in writing at the end of the consultation.


NB.To comply with the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) there is also a Terms of engagement form to sign by both therapist and client.


Second Consultation

The second consultation lasts about ½ an hour. This time is spent reviewing how the client has found the dietary changes: how they have impacted practically and how they have helped with their health. Additional advice may be given at this consultation to help a client make further improvements to their health.



First consultation: £60 Follow up consultations: £30



"Nicola's professional knowledge and personalised approach was a great support to me through a difficult time. I know I can call on her any time to help me maintain the good health I am experiencing as a result of her support. I would definitely recommend her services as a nutritionist."


"Nicky has been a great help to us both and especially for my husband who was diagnosed recently with a Lymphoma she prescribed supplements to support his immune system during chemotherapy and also very good helpful information on dietary requirements to help fight this particular cancer. She is kind, thoughtful and sympathetic."